Will this be the last tour for Black Sabbath?

The forefathers of metal and hard rock have been at it for decades. They have produced countless hard rock anthems and garnered a legion of fans in the process. Well, the boys from Birmingham appear to have reached the end of their career.
Birmingham’s most famous band, inventors of heavy metal, once unstoppable, have announced that this time it really is the end. And, says, band founder Tony Iommi, the reason is simple. “I can’t actually do this anymore,” admits the guitar hero. “My body won’t take it much more.”
It’s always bittersweet to hear of the end from rocks most classic bands, but they always seem to do it big for their last tours. And who knows, maybe they will do a reunion tour…and then another. It always seems to go like that with the greats, right?? Anyways, check out more about the details behind Sabbath’s last tour at Birmingham Mail.

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