When the Beatles met Elvis

It was just over 50 years ago when the Beatles met Elvis Presley. The Fab Four were back on tour in America but this time on the west coast.
Beatles manager Brian Epstein and his Presley counterpart in Col. Tom Parker arranged for the event to take place at Elvis’ Bel Air mansion. The rules were strict: No photographs or recordings were allowed. The Beatles were accompanied by Epstein and Beatles’ press officer Tony Barrow. The King was joined by then-girlfriend and later wife Priscilla Beaulieu along with Parker and several members of the so-called Memphis Mafia, friends who traveled everywhere with Presley.
The great thing about this meeting was how each artist was thrilled to meet the other. In fact, each member of the Beatles expressed a great deal of nerves upon meeting the King, who was actually a bit shy, himself. To read more about how the meeting went and what each member of the Beatles thought about meeting Elvis, check out Ultimate Classic Rock. Listen to the Beatles perform ‘That’s All Right Mama’ Watch Elvis Presley perform ‘Something’

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