[VIDEO] The brief story of the Bob Wood Performance

Due to the incredible response we received from our video featuring Bob Wood, we felt compelled to give you, our fans, a short background of Mr. Wood and this particular video. The performance took place at British Audio Service in Nashville, TN. He is performing “Besame Mucho,” a famous bolero written in 1940 by Mexican songwriter, Consuelo Velazquez. The guitar he is playing is a Epiphone Rivieria and he certainly plays it well! Jump ahead to watch the rest of the video and learn a very cool fact about Mr. Wood. Let it be known, Wood is no ordinary guitarist. In fact, he was inducted in 2007 into the Southern Legends Country Music Hall of Fame. He also has an album called Bob Wood Plays it Cool. You rock, Mr. Wood! Now, everyone enjoy the rest of this incredible video! To learn more about the guitar store in the video, check out British Audio Service.

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