[VIDEO] Rare Lynyrd Skynyrd Performance of Freebird (Live in Germany)

Is there a more iconic guitar song than Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Freebird”? We would argue no in the sense that most guitarists/musicians/fans know of the southern rock opus and generally know it for one reason: the lengthy final guitar solo. In this particular version, Allen Collins, Gary Rossington and Ed King (Strawberry Alarm Clock) all do their part in delivering the epic ending to this famous tribute song to the late Allman Brothers Band guitarist, Duane Allman. There are of course other live versions out there for your listening consumption, but this particular version has always been one of our personal favorites. It’s intimate and gives you a look at Skynyrd in the beginning of their peak years (pre Steve Gaines). The solos start at the 5:24 mark and the audio is on point. Rock on, guitar lovers!

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