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[VIDEO] DIY Skateboard Guitar

Lately, there have been so many DIY guitar building projects that have been popping up all over the internet. We recently shared with you the Lego Guitar (see HERE), the Nintendo Guitar (see HERE), and now we have a local St. Joseph, MO man, Zale Bledsoe, who is building guitars from old, recycled skateboards.
A musician, skater, designer, record label owner, promoter and father, Mr. Bledsoe has worn a lot of hats, with his latest venture turning old skateboards and materials into guitars to auction off for charity. The rough process involves gluing skateboards together, woodwork planning, cutting, shaping and sanding the wood, as well as creating the pickguard and tuning pegs and installing the electronic pieces to bring it to life.
We love it! Recycling and DIY guitar projects are things we can certainly get behind. What do you think?? Let us know in our comments section below and for more on this story, please head over to News Press Now.

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