[VIDEO] Deaf Boy Hears Guitar for First Time

This story is just another incredible testament to the power of music. A 12 year old boy from Fort Myers, FL, Alex Allen, has endured a very tough life. He was born deaf and blind and lived as an orphan until the age of 4. Today, his life is much better with his wonderful foster parents, but, recently he has been experiencing kidney failure. Despite all of the hardship he has endured, he recently experienced quite a positive and wonderful development in his life. He was able to hear the beautiful sound of a guitar.
“I saw Alexander with his arm on the guitar,” Dr. Ruthie Lohmeyer, the principal said. This snapshot captures the first time Alex heard the guitar. “The classroom teacher took a photo of it,” Dr. Lohmeyer said. It was an instant hit on Twitter. “As soon as he felt the vibrations, he just started to hug the instrument,” Kim Scheetz, the music therapist said. Now he comes to school everyday clapping his hands loudly and leaning in closer to feel the vibrations. His family says it’s a sign of his will to live. “This is a testimony to his strength; his inner core of who he is. He wants to be here just a little bit longer,” Diane said.
What a wonderful story! The fact that this instrument, the guitar, brings him so much joy everyday is truly a testament to the undeniable connection between music and the human condition. Despite being born deaf, Alex is still able to connect with music through the guitar. What an amazing moment. We wish Alex all of the best and hope that he is able to overcome all obstacles life throws at him. Keep fighting, Alex! For more information on Alex’s story, please visit ABC 7 and watch the video below.  

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