Tony Iommi Tells All

For Tony Iommi, he has had a career marked by transformational and groundbreaking guitar playing. Many credit his style and Black Sabbath in general as birthing what would become heavy metal. That notion is hard to disagree with, and it is always a pleasure when such pivotal and important musicians grant us access to their brains via intimate interviews. Recently, Iommi sat down with Epiphone to talk about the last tour with Sabbath, as well as his very cool new gear with Epiphone. Here are a few snippets from the interview. On his relationship with Epiphone and Gibson:

You’ve had a long relationship with Epiphone and Gibson. How did that start?

I first started using the Gibson SG in 1968 when we recorded our first album, Black Sabbath. Before that I always used a Stratocaster. When we started to record our first album, I recorded one track, “Wicked World,” with the Fender and then the pickup went faulty so my spare guitar–which I had never used before and had just recently bought–was the SG. After recording the whole of the rest of the album with the Gibson SG, I never went back to the Fender again. I stuck with the Gibson SG from then on. That became our trademark sound. My relationship with Epiphone came through Gibson when I was asked to do an Epiphone Tony Iommi SG.

On recording and touring with Black Sabbath:

Black Sabbath is planning another album and tour. Do you enjoy being in the studio? What’s that environment like for Black Sabbath?

Recording the album 13 I really enjoyed. It was great being with all the guys and it all clicked into place. I had already written a lot of ideas before we hit the studio. It’s been a different experience from album to album. Our first albums were done very quickly and live, and as time went on, we became more experimental and we spent more time in the studio trying different ideas. All in all, I enjoy being in the studio.

To read the rest of this amazing interview, please jump over to Epiphone, but before you do, we suggest you watch this roaring performance of “War Pigs”.


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