The Asher GT-3

Despite his relatively low profile, Bill Asher has been making beautiful, state of the art guitars for some of music’s biggest names for years. One of his newest models is the one you see here, the Asher GT-3. It’s a beautiful and practical single-cut guitar that has the capacity to capture some pretty unique tones.
With its flowing single-cut outline, modified ashtray bridge, compensated brass saddles, and Tele Custom-ish anodized-aluminum pickguard, the Asher GT-3 might strike some as a boutique nod to Leo Fender’s first solidbody. Only the Lollar Gold Foil pickups hint at another design inspiration just below the surface: In an effort to summon off-the-beaten-path tones of yesteryear, Bill Asher gave the GT-3 a body and neck of solid mahogany—just like many foil-sporting ’60s Teisco Del Reys. He also greatly expanded the versatility of the instrument’s traditional 5-way selector and master volume and tone knobs by adding a 6-position Varitone-like knob. With its volume and tone full up, and the Varitone in position 1, the Asher yielded this rawness in spades. Bringing the master tone control back proffered an impressive range of color, even quasi-cocked-wah sounds. Then there’s the Varitone knob: Each click through its range decreases high-end sparkle and increases midrange skwonk and low-end definition. By position 6, the treble is so attenuated you get dark, smoky sounds reminiscent of a humbucker-equipped semi-hollowbody with tone knobs rolled back—even with the Asher’s master tone fully clockwise. Even the soloed bridge pickup becomes remarkably warm at this setting.
Sold, yet? We sure are. Obviously, with any new guitar we share with you we like to give you the general ratings rundown as provided to us by Premier Guitar. Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 5.30.50 PM Yes, it is a bit pricy, but certainly a worthy investment for any player ready to throw down a little extra cash. For more information and reviews on this guitar, please visit the guitar gurus at Premier Guitar.  

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