Street Guitarist Plays Stairway To Heaven (and kills it)

We wish we could run into a player like this on the streets. Talk about amazing sounds coming from a guy freely playing for anyone who will listen. If I had been in that crowd, I would have pushed and shoved my way to a front row seat to this talent…..Then of course tipped him a nice large sum. Jump┬áto the next page to see one of the better street musicians we’ve ever seen!
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1 thought on “Street Guitarist Plays Stairway To Heaven (and kills it)”

  1. while walking to the Rolling Stones concert recently in Indianapolis, myself, my husband and oyr 21yr old son stopped in oyr tracks and enjoyed some awesome street jazz…and they straight tore it up…so we tipped them nicely but we also took time to personally thank them for the beautifu memory and the gret music

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