Miking Tricks for Electric Guitars

Have you ever tried to amp up your guitar playing through a microphone and it sounded….bad? If you’re tired of trying different techniques that just give a bad feedback and vibe, then check out this article. We just caught a great article that explains and illustrates 6 ways for miking your electric guitar. With 6 ways to try, one of them should be just the ticket to get that sound you’ve been striving for. From the article:
With all of the cool amp modeling apps, new plug-ins, and standalone boxes available to the discerning guitarist, you may think that the old-school approach of simply plugging your guitar into an amp and sticking a microphone in front of that amp is passe. Yet in studios all over the world, guitarists still lug their amps into the studio, engineers still put mics in front of the amps, and great recordings are still being made every day! While there’s a certain elegance in putting a Shure SM57 up against the grille of a vintage Fender Vibrolux, there are other approaches to miking amps that are worth considering.
Now go check out the 6 tricks (along with pictures) and you’ll be set. Click HERE

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