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Kirk Hammett Introduces the “Ghoul Screamer”

One of the true heroes in the world of metal guitar, Kirk Hammett, has been a shredding force for over three decades. In regards to pedals, he has always been known as having a penchant for the wah wah sound in many of his solos, but this Halloween, Hammett along with KHDK will be introducing a new multipurpose pedal just in time for the spooky holiday.
The Ghoul Screamer guitar pedal possesses dramatic versatility with controls spanning from a clean boost all the way to a massive overdrive. In addition to the three standard controls (drive, tone and volume), five more switches have been added to the Ghoul Screamer to greatly expand the sound palette — bass switch, high switch, body switch, compression switches and foot switch.
Very cool! This should be a great treat for any of you gear heads looking for a new addition to your pedal board. To read more about the “Ghoul Screamer”, head over to Blabbermouth.

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