Kenny Rogers is Bidding Farewell

At 77 years old, Country Music Hall of Famer, Kenny Rogers, has achieved quite a lot over his impressive and lengthy career that spans over five decades. But like with any aging legend in music, the time to retire and call it quits lingers in their mind. As of this week, Rogers announced on “The Today Show” that he is going to do one last tour and then hang it up.
“It’s happily sad or sadly happy,” he said of the news. “I’m going to do a big worldwide tour, and it’s going to be my last. I’m going to say goodbye at that point; I’ve done this long enough.” But he’s not saying “so long” because he’s lost his love for music. It’s just that he has other loves to attend to. “I really want to be there with my kids,” Rogers explained.
You can’t fault someone who is ready to retire and be with their loved ones. We expect “The Gambler” to go out in big way, so be on the lookout for dates on his final worldwide tour. For more information on this story, check out the National.

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