Keith Urban Sued By 70’s Guitarist

And in the news this week, we have a lawsuit that we just have to raise our eyebrows over. Who would have thought the word “Player” — especially when it comes to you know — guitar players would be a word worthy of a full lawsuit. That’s right, if you were to sell something having to do with guitar ‘players’ you could owe a 70’s band player some moola for using such an obvious word in describing your whatever it is. Considering the word “PLAYER” goes with guitars like peanut butter and jelly, we are a bit perplexed. Read on:
The guitarist from the ‘70s band Player is suing country star Keith Urban, claiming Urban stole the band’s name for a guitar lesson kit he is selling online. According to The New York Post’s Page Six, Peter Beckett filed a suit in Los Angeles, in the US District Court, against the country music star. The guitarist behind Player’s hit “Baby Come Back,” is reportedly fuming over the “Keith Urban 50-piece Deluxe PLAYER Guitar Package” that was for sale on the Home Shopping Network for $399. The kit has since sold out, but it includes items like the “Keith Urban Deluxe Player guitar” and a DVD titled “Player by Keith Urban 30 Songs in 30 Days: The Complete Guitar Experience 30-disc DVD lesson set.” The kit boasts that buyers will learn 30 songs in one month, taught by Urban himself. Read the rest of the story here

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