Jimmy Page Archives [video]

This article on Jimmy Page stems from an archive set of videos filmed on the Guitar Show hosted by Christina Roebling. It is a piece of musical history and really cool watching a good natured Page rambling on about his favorite axes. The first vid shows his famous double necker and the second video shows his B bender. If you love vintage guitar footage then you’ll enjoy this find. It has heart and soul!
In addition to filming the two guitar legends talking about guitars and music, the show’s host, Christian Roebling, got Page to talk about some of the guitars he’d brought with him, including his Gibson EDS-1275 double-neck and his Fender Tele equipped with a B-bender, namely a Parsons/White String-Bender. In the videos below, Page talks about the two guitars and demonstrates the B-bender. Page is clearly in a good mood and makes for an amusing guest, especially when he tries to explain the B-bender to his somewhat confused host.
Here’s the original at Guitar World

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