In The News: Man Allegedly Kills Caregiver with Guitar

Around these parts we often refer to ‘killer guitar playing’ and ‘killer sounds’ but we certainly never dreamed we’d be mentioning a legit guitar implicated in an actual murder. But today the tides have turned and we just read a news brief that alleges just that. A man who used his guitar to decapitate to another human being. A story like this is going to give us pause the next time we write the words ‘killer guitar’ and it’s tragic and sad for sure. Of course, we don’t know the whole story, but this is a sad one and we’re sorry for everyone involved (and the guitar) A snippet from the story:
Authorities say a Winston-Salem man accused of killing his caregiver told police that he decapitated the woman with a guitar. The Winston-Salem Journal reports that a Forsyth County grand jury indicted 60-year-old David D. Thomas on first-degree murder charges

Read the Rest of the Story On WYFF4: Police: Man says he decapitated caregiver with Guitar


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