Former Bandmates Remember Gary Richrath

A little over two weeks ago, the guitar world lost one of its most underrated yet beloved artists in former REO Speedwagon guitarist, Gary Richrath. He was 65 years old. His former bandmates recently shared their thoughts on the late guitarist and friend. KEVIN CRONIN  (lead vocalist)
Gary could stand alone in the spotlight, in the middle of a hit-filled REO Speedwagon concert, with nothing more than a Les Paul and a coil cord plugged into a Marshall stack, and totally captivate an arena full of people. We saw him do it every night so it was no big deal to us at the time… But, it was a very big deal!
ALAN GRATZER (former drummer)
“Gary was my musical soulmate and great friend for many years. We made over fifteen albums together and went through a lot both personally and musically. We conquered the world together , but it wouldn’t have been possible without his great songwriting ability, his incredible guitar work and his amazing onstage swagger and charisma.
NEAL DOUGHTY (keyboardist and founding member)
“Gary was the one who took us from being a cover band to playing our own songs. We started thinking if ourselves as a real band, not just an extracurricular activity.”
To read more from each member including the man who replaced Richrath, Dave Amato, head on over to Guitar Player.

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