Fender goes digital

As technology continues to develop in the world of guitars, many guitar makers are having to play catch up to make sure they give their customers all options for what they look for in a guitar. Fender has come to a crossroads due to the changing times in guitar making, so they have sought help from some of the best in the music tech world.
Ninety percent of people trying to learn guitar quit in the first year. That’s a big problem for the musical instrument industry, but also a big opportunity for one of the top guitar makers — Fender. If Fender can use digital tools like a new tuner app it’s building to keep musicians engaged, it stands to sell them a lot more guitars, amplifiers and more over their lifetime. That’s why today Fender is announcing the hiring of one of the smartest people in music tech, Ethan Kaplan, as its new Chief Digital Products Officer.
With the help of Kaplan, Fender is hoping to ensure those who first pick up the guitar never put it down, and, of course, they hope that the guitar is a Fender. To read more about this interesting paradox for many of the guitar making giants, head over to Tech Crunch.

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