Buy a Guitar for $185 and turns out it’s worth $800,000? Lost Lennon Guitar is worth a Fortune!

Can you imagine strolling through a garage sale, seeing a good looking guitar and buying it for $185 bucks. Roll through the years, strumming on it, practicing on it, teaching your kids how to play on it and enjoying it for what it is. A great guitar you enjoy and love. Then one day you’re thumbing through a copy of Guitar Aficionado and you see a picture of a guitar that looks remarkably like the one sitting in your house. A guitar that once belonged to John Lennon. Well that entire scenario happened to John McCaw and it turns out his guitar is estimated at a worth of $800,000! lennon_beatles_lost_guitar_1963More about this amazing story:
“I went through a lot of different emotions,” the man said. “The first one was excitement. Then started to be overwhelmed, realizing what we did have, what it meant and could mean to the world. Then it became a whole different piece. Before, it was a guitar. And after it was authenticated, it became a Holy Grail.” The guitar has been used by Lennon on several early Beatles hits, including “Love Me Do,” “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” “She Loves You,” and more.
Read the Whole story here and big shout out and image credit to ultimate-guitar.com : Man buys guitar for 185  

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