Bonamassa Delivers on Promise to Fans in the UK

Joe Bonamassa has made quite a name for himself over the past decade or so, mesmerizing and dazzling audiences across the world with his incredible blues guitar playing (his vocals are great,too!). The key words there are “across the world” because that is where Bonamass has seen a great deal of his success, especially in the UK. For the city of Poole, they will be getting quite a treat from the bluesman who made and is now fulfilling a promise that he made ten years ago.
American guitar legend Joe Bonamassa will fulfil a promise he made a decade ago and perform a free concert in Poole, marking the 10 year anniversary of his first ever UK show. On November 1, Joe will play Mr Kyps in Lower Parkstone, the same venue where he played his first ever UK concert in 2005. Back then, Joe played at Mr Kyps to a mere 100 or so crowd and is returning to the venue as a thank you to all the fans that have helped his career grow from playing small clubs to sold-out arena tours worldwide.
We imagine this will be an epic show with way more than 100 people attending. For more information on this free show, please go visit the Daily Echo.

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