DIY Guitars

Amazing DIY guitars by retiree

A man from Iowa has found a very cool way to spend his time ever since he retired. What does he do? He does what any other retiree would do: make guitars and banjos. Haha, but seriously this is what Bob Schaut does, yet his creations are anything but normal.

Cigar boxes, soup cans and even tin popcorn tubs are transformed into folk music instruments in the skilled hands of Bob Schaut.

The creative Schaut has been handcrafting instruments like cigar box guitars and tin can banjos — called canjos — since he retired five years ago as an Iowa park ranger.

Way to go, Bob! We love seeing these kind of DIY guitar making stories and hope Bob continues to chase this passion of his. To learn more about Bob’s story and his guitars, head over to the Brownsville Herald.

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