A Strat Is Born [Video]

Hear the Legendary Tone of a Truly Iconic Guitar Freshly updated, the American Standard Stratocaster combines the classic tone and style of its forbearers with a set of sleek refinements. This Strat wields upgraded Custom Shop Fat ’50s pickups, improved hardware, and a thinner undercoating which enhances resonance through the entire instrument. The American Standard Strat has always been a go-to guitar for players in every genre; with this release, the incredibly popular guitar just keeps getting better. Show me the Strat Some of my favorite comments from this Youtube Post: 1. How did fender get this porn past youtube? musically induced orgasm 2. Love the smell of Maple sawdust in the morning 3. I would love to see how MY strat was born…… 4, Wow, cool video. Very detailed stages of assembly. 5. This is a great short film/advertisement. Now I have the urge to go out and buy another American Standard. I bought mine used 20 years ago. It has Lindy Fralin slightly hot vintage style pickups. It chimes and sings. Custom Shop Fat ’50s Single-coil Pickups The American Standard Strat includes three Fender Custom Shop Fat ’50s pickups. These powerful single-coils are featured on some of Fender’s highest-end custom models and represent the best of the best in Fender electronics. Classic Stratocaster tone is most often defined by its brightness and versatility, and the Fat 50s do an outstanding job in both regards. There’s enough high-end bite to play syncopated funk parts, and enough depth to strum some folk-rock chord progressions. The triple set of Fat ’50s deliver everything you’d expect and more in vintage Strat sound.  

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