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8 Of The Most Original Guitarists of All Time

“Best of” Guitarists countdowns are always popping up, but this is the first “best original guitarist” countdown I have ever seen. We certainly have our favorites and those artists that we think are the most original, but this countdown from Ultimate Guitar provides some legendary artists that are hard to argue against. Tells us what you think about this list. Do you agree or disagree? Who is missing and which players are where they should be? Let’s jump forward to see which guitarist lands at number 8 on the countdown and let the debate begin.

Alex Lifeson

The legendary Rush guitarist has always been doing things his way. His sound and guitar playing has always been in a league of its own, so it makes sense that he would make this countdown. You folks have praised Alex Lifeson of Rush for his innovative use of guitar chords, so he definitely gets a mention.

Les Paul

Apart from being one of the most renowned guitar manufacturers of all time, Les Paul fetched kudos from the UG community as being one of the most innovative players of his era.

Robert Fripp

Up next is the father of prog rock, King Crimson mastermind Robert Fripp.

Tosin Abasi

Animals as Leaders guitar lord Tosin Abasi

Frank Zappa

There was no-one like Frank in the music world as we know it. One of the most unique guitarists/composer in rock n’ roll history.

Tony Iommi

The man who gave birth to heavy metal through the power of riff – Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath.

Jimi Hendrix

Not much needs to be said here, except that some of you folks might be surprised if Mr. Jimi Hendrix wasn’t at least mentioned.

Tom Morello

Universally acclaimed as one of the most original and innovative guitar players ever, Mr. Morello is a must on any list of great original guitarists. To see other great original guitarists, head over to Ultimate Guitar.

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