50 years later, Country Music legend reunites with his lost guitar

What a story. Country music legend, Bill Anderson, probably thought he would never see his old Grammar guitar again, having since not seen or played it for almost 50 years now. Well, through a stroke of good luck and fate, that all changed, as two owners of a Phoenix pawn shop were able to return the guitar to the country music hall of famer. The husband and wife who owned the pawn show recounted the moment when they realized just exactly what they had in their store:
The guitar had water and mold damage, but Grauer, who is a guitar collector, noticed the “Made for Bill Anderson” label that Billy Grammer had pasted inside half a century ago, and he began working with a luthier, a craftsman who builds and repairs stringed instruments, to restore the guitar. As Grauer began to research the guitar’s history, he found a grainy clip of Anderson playing it on The Johnny Cash Show. Four weeks ago, he e-mailed photos of the instrument to Anderson’s secretary, not expecting to hear back. But as soon as Anderson saw the photo of the custom label inside, he knew it was the guitar that had been missing for decades and reached out to the Grauers.
This is truly an amazing story. Read more about how this story came to be and unfolded at the USA Today.

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