4 of The Strangest Custom Guitars You Will Ever See!

Over the long and great of the guitar, we have seen some pretty unique guitar creations as played by various artists. In this short slideshow you will see four of the more stranger custom guitars pictured with the artists who played them. This is a fun little slideshow with a bit of history, so we think our great fans at Guitar Loves will really dig it. 1) Bo Diddley’s Square-Body – The man who helped popularize the syncopated 3-2 clave beat also possessed one of the more unique guitar bodies at the time. Pretty cool, Bo! e-bo-diddley 2) Steve Vai’s Heart-Shaped Triple-Neck – Eat your heart out! This crazy guitar seems to perfectly embody Steve Vai’s note shredding style. steve-vai-triple-neck-heart-jem-guitar 3) Rick Nielsen’s “Uncle Dick” – This guitar is probably the most famous of the four as it became such an iconic symbol for “Slick” Rick and Cheap Trick. We love it, Rick!i-rick-nielson-5neck4) Linda Manzer’s “Pikasso” guitar – We couldn’t believe this one. Clearly, it is heavily influenced by the artwork of Pablo Picasso, which is very cool. What a cool project to have brought to life one of the more famous portrayals of a guitar by one of the most famous artists of all time. g-linda-manzer To see more weird and strange custom guitars like these, head over to Guitar World.  
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