4 Greatest Guitar Moments: The Byrds’

4) “Lover of the Bayou” (Untitled) | 1970 | Main Guitarist: Clarence White This live selection sums up the best of White’s rare “fuzzed out” guitar attacks. Kudos to White—a former bluegrass picker (as we’ve mentioned 40 times already)—for coming up with creative and unique rock solos in a time when Eric Clapton, Alvin Lee and Jimi Hendrix were competing for the listening public’s attention (and money). Honorable mention to McGuinn, who continued to showcase his Rickenbacker 360 in 1970 and beyond, even though its jingly-jangly “season” (1965 to ’66) had temporarily passed. To read about and listen to more of the Byrds’ greatest guitar moments, head over to Guitar World.
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