4 Greatest Guitar Moments: The Byrds’

2) “Chestnut Mare” (Untitled) | 1970 | Main Guitarists: Roger McGuinn, Clarence White Although it’s not the first track that comes to mind when considering a list of the Byrds’ finest guitar tracks, “Chestnut Mare,” an epic song about one tenacious man’s quest to capture a very special horse (so special that “she’ll be just like a wife”), is actually a perfect choice. It combines McGuinn’s trademark electric 12-string picking with White’s top-notch acoustic work—with a bit of White’s electric B-bender Tele thrown in for good measure. The guitars, which—let’s face it—are everywhere on this track, are the canvas on which the song’s story is so vibrantly painted; perhaps the guitar high point is the fine interplay between McGuinn’s Rickenbacker and White’s Martin during the song’s emotional breakdown section. [nextpagelink][/nextpagelink]
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