4 Greatest Guitar Moments: The Byrds’

1) “Buckaroo” Live at the Fillmore—February 1969 | 2000 | Main Guitarist: Clarence White Feel free to argue, but if you had to choose one album that best demonstrates White’s electric-guitar prowess, it’d be Live at the Fillmore—February 1969. The musicians on the album are McGuinn on his 12-string Rickenbacker 360, Gene Parsons on drums, John York on bass and White on his B-Bender Tele. He never puts it down, so there’s no escaping it. The most impressive guitar track on the album is the band’s cover of Buck Owens’ killer-catchy instrumental, “Buckaroo,” which finally exists on YouTube. White rips open his bag of B-bender licks—and never closes it. Even his mistakes sound good, like the random open string he hits at :32. Play this one good and loud, people. [nextpagelink][/nextpagelink]
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