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2 Tips to Becoming a Better Guitar Player

Practice, practice, practice. We do it everyday, but sometimes we feel like we are not getting any better. Whenever I feel like I am at a roadblock, I seek out advice from fellow guitar players or sometimes find good tips online. In this case, the latter is true. Guitar World has recently posted 6 tips that we think are very helpful. Here, we will share our two favorites¬†with you. Let’s move forward to check them out.¬†[nextpagelink][/nextpagelink]
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1 thought on “2 Tips to Becoming a Better Guitar Player”

  1. I use the caged system with an addition of using not just the 6 string 5 string chords but I also use 4 string and 3 string chord versions and sometimes I use harmonic added tones like with the typical open G chord, sometimes to give it a full sound some people (myself included) use the ring finger to hold the D note on the B string… that D on the B and G on the E string perfect fifth relationship in the chord gives a harmonic overtone…

    On the open A chord I often bar the 2nd fret with my index and with my pinky I hold down the E on the B string and the A on the high E string. That is bridging between the A shape A chord at the 2nd and the E shape A chord at the 5th…

    I also add 7th notes to these chord shapes as well as dom 7th, min 7th and m7b5 notes to these chords…

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