12 Bar Blues Made Easy

Nothing is more fundamental to an aspiring guitarist than a firm and foundational understanding of the blues. Blues music forms the bedrock of just about all forms of music form Jazz to Shredding. And the 12 Bar is the cornerstone of the bedrock. It’s kind of like learning your ABC’s as a musician. On that note, many of you already have thi down but if you’re newer to the instrument or just want a refresher, go check out this lesson:
The twelve bar blues is a very common chord progression found in a lot of songs. The progression, whilst less popular now, is very common in early blues music around the ’60s era, with it being common in many Elvis singles. Even today, many songs sample parts from or even predominantly use the twelve bar blues. Important – be careful with time signatures. This can alter when you play in the bar.  
Check it out at http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/music_styles/a_guide_to_the_simple_twelve_bar_blues.html?no_takeover

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